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10+ Super Benefits Of Bananas You Must Know.

This article is about sweet bananas Benefits. 
The banana is edible fruit.
The banana contains lots of nutrients and benefits:


Bananas Nutrition Value Per 100g.
ENERGY —————  371KJ (89Kcal)

Carbohydrates———- 22.84g

Sugars ——————– 12.23g
Dietary——————— 2.6g

Fat————————– 0.33g


Thiamine (B1)—————-0.031mg (3%)
Riboflavin (B2)————–0.073mg (6%)
Niacin (B3)——————-0.665mg (4%)
Pantothenic acid (B5)——-0.334mg (7%)
Vitamin B6——————–0.4mg     (31%)
Folate (B9)———————20μg       (5%)
Choline————————–9.8mg    (2%)
Vitamin C———————–8.7mg     (10%)

Iron——————————–0.26mg   (2%)
Magnesium———————–27mg     (8%)
Manganese————————0.27mg  (13%)
Phosphorus————————22mg     (3%)
Potassium————————–358mg   (8%)
Sodium ——————————1mg      (0%)
Zinc ———————————–0.15mg(2%)

Other  Constituents. 
Water ———————————-74.91g
Fluoride ——————————-2.22.2µg

15+ Health Care Benefits Of Bananas:

1:Beats Blood Pressure.

2:Energetic For Athletes.

3:Cures ulcers.

4:Increase Memory Power.

5:Cures Morning Sickness.

6:Seasonal Effective Disorders.

7:Helps In Anemia. 

8:Relief’s In Hurt Burn.


10: Overcoming Depression & Changing Mood.

11:Calm The Nerves.

12:Reduce Smoking & Tobacco Use.

13:Reduce Swelling And Irritation.

14:Eliminates Strokes.

15:Relieves In Stress.

16:Control The Body Temperature .

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