10+ Super Benefits Of Bananas You Must Know.

Super Benefits Of Bananas

This article is about sweet bananas Benefits. 
The banana is edible fruit.
The banana contains lots of nutrients and benefits:


Bananas Nutrition Value Per 100g.
ENERGY —————  371KJ (89Kcal)

Carbohydrates———- 22.84g

Sugars ——————– 12.23g
Dietary——————— 2.6g

Fat————————– 0.33g


Thiamine (B1)—————-0.031mg (3%)
Riboflavin (B2)————–0.073mg (6%)
Niacin (B3)——————-0.665mg (4%)
Pantothenic acid (B5)——-0.334mg (7%)
Vitamin B6——————–0.4mg     (31%)
Folate (B9)———————20μg       (5%)
Choline————————–9.8mg    (2%)
Vitamin C———————–8.7mg     (10%)

Iron——————————–0.26mg   (2%)
Magnesium———————–27mg     (8%)
Manganese————————0.27mg  (13%)
Phosphorus————————22mg     (3%)
Potassium————————–358mg   (8%)
Sodium ——————————1mg      (0%)
Zinc ———————————–0.15mg(2%)

Other  Constituents. 
Water ———————————-74.91g
Fluoride ——————————-2.22.2µg

15+ Health Care Benefits Of Bananas:

1:Beats Blood Pressure.

2:Energetic For Athletes.

3:Cures ulcers.

4:Increase Memory Power.

5:Cures Morning Sickness.

6:Seasonal Effective Disorders.

7:Helps In Anemia. 

8:Relief’s In Hurt Burn.


10: Overcoming Depression & Changing Mood.

11:Calm The Nerves.

12:Reduce Smoking & Tobacco Use.

13:Reduce Swelling And Irritation.

14:Eliminates Strokes.

15:Relieves In Stress.

16:Control The Body Temperature .

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