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5 Pro iPhone Videography Tips To Make Your Videos Shine

If you are looking forward to creating great videos, there’s no more need of a good DSLR. Since, the
introduction of iPhone 3GS, the iPhones have come a long way. The latest iPhone can capture 4k
videos without any complications involved with DSLRs right from your pocket.
Although your iPhone may not be a substitute for a professional DSLR for shooting serious videos,
it is suitable in most of the cases where the depth of field is not most essential.
You are on this blog post because you want to know how to make the most of your iPhone for
shooting quality videos.
Here in this blog post, let me give you some professional iPhone videography tips that simply work.

Use a tripod

Keeping the camera as steady as possible while shooting videos is very important. No body loves
a shaky footage. Or do you?
If you are shooting handheld videos, consider resting your hands or the iPhone on the table. For
more prolonged footages, you need to consider using a good tripod.
You can either design a DIY tripod or buy one online. You may also consider getting a mini tripod
that’s also flexible and can be mounted anywhere.
The main goal here is to keep your iPhone steady while shooting videos.

Get a good external mic

When thinking of videography, people only think of footage quality. They buy high-end DSLRs,
video editing hardware. I won’t disagree with this.
But no matter how high the video quality is if the audio quality suffers, the whole video suffers.
Although iPhone comes with a good quality mic, the sound quality turns out to be pretty noisy
when used while shooting videos. Getting a good external mic for your iPhone gives a great sound
quality to your video, increasing the overall video quality perception in the minds of the viewers.
You can buy a lavalier or a shotgun mic that’s compatible with your iPhone 3.5mm jack.
Trust me, good quality audio is as important as good quality video. If the audio quality, nobody
would even get the slightest clue that the video is shot on iPhone except for the depth of field.

Lighting is everything

DSLRs perform well also in indoors due to the variety of lens that comes to a wide range of apertures,
even apertures of f0.7! But this is not the case in iPhones. They have a fixed aperture f2.2 (iPhone
7) which is still lesser than the standard DSLR prime lens that comes at f1.7 (lesser the number
better it is for low light conditions).
If you can’t get studio lights for your home, you can prefer outdoors for shooting your videos. Light
is very essential for shooting quality videos. Or latest you can prefer shooting near the windows to
get some extra sunlight to lit up the subject.

Use a dedicated video recording app

You may consider using apps like Filmic Pro. One of the biggest advantages of using this app is
that allows you to unlock the high bitrate on your iPhone. It allows you to record videos at 50/Mbit,
which is more than double the bitrate the default camera app offers. You also have full control over
exposure, focus, and FPS.
But, shooting at a higher bitrate consumes memory and also battery. So, you need to make sure
that the power bank is plugged to your iPhone and you have enough storage space on your iPhone.

iPhone settings and other tips

Here are some of the settings you need to know in your iPhone for shooting good videos.
• Play with different video effects. For example, while shooting from the default camera app I
found “Chrome” effects work pretty well all the time. ( I don’t use Filmic pro due to storage issues
on my 6s)
• Use the exposure and focus lock by pressing and holding down the face of the subject in the
• Put your iPhone into airplane mode before even starting recording.
• Make sure that there is enough space on your device

Other tips

• Make sure the mic is turned on. It’s a big turn off to notice that the mic is turned off after the entire
video recording the finished.
• Plug in your power bank and hang it to the tripod maybe…
• Take the initial shot and check the video to composition is good. There’ll always be room for improvement.
• Take multiple shots to maintain consistent energy levels while shooting long videos.

Bottomline: You can easily record high quality, professional looking videos just from your iPhone.
With this, the file size will be smaller than that of DSLR and also easier to handle.
However, you do need to note that your iPhone’s lens won’t offer you that good depth of field
(blurred background) the effect, although things are changing faster in iPhone 7s and 8 models.
Hope you found this post helpful. Let me know what you guys think in the comments section.

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