Barcelona vs Real Madrid in this season upcoming matches

Hello everyone! My name is Haseeb Kashani from KTF. today I am going to tell you Barcelona vs Real Madrid in this season upcoming matches.  I know everyone is waiting for this match.  we are excited about this match.


About This Matches.

you see magician Messi and best goal scorer Ronaldo in this match. Last time in la Liga Messi destroy Real Madrid in El Clasico. The best game of this season is coming. It is not just a game it is the war between two states. Barcelona will face  Madrid in week 17 and week 36 in La Liga first at the Santiago Bernabéu and then at Camp Nou. we are pretty waiting for these matches.



Matches Dates.

22/ dec/ 2017 in next month El Clasico is going to start.

6/  may/ 2018 is last EL Clasico match


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  1. Ashar November 11, 2017

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