5 Steps To Find Blogging Buddy For Your Blog.

Who are your Blogging Buddy For Your Blog?

Your blog buddy is like you who have a blog regarding a niche on which you have a blog. They are essential for you to find as you can help him and they can help you. Also, it would be perfect for your site ranking when they link to your blog. I am not the one who recommends to finding a blog buddy for your site, but many experts bloggers strongly recommend this strategy.

Thus today in this article I am going to explain to you how to find a good blog buddy for your site. Who can help you in Google rankings and also he can assist you in some of your problems regarding your niche. SO be alert and follow these steps to find a blog buddy.



1. Go to Google and Type your Website Name

Now, first of all, you need to go to Google and type your site name. If your site(blog) link doesn’t come on the first page, then try to look through next pages. (If you know on which page you link usually exists then directly go to that page.)

2. Take a screenshot of that particular page

Now after reaching that particular page where your link exists then open your Screenshot Taker. You can find that usually in Start Menu named as Snipping Tool or you can use Print Screen also.(I don’t know much about Mac and Linux.) Now take the screenshot in which your link is shown clearly.

3. Reach out to that particular Blogger

Now look on that page on which you have a screenshot. Click on any one of the other blogs which would be definitely regarding your niche. Find the Blog owner and his email id. (You can also contact him if he has a contact page too.)

4. Introduce yourself to him.

Now the next step is that you don’t have to tell him directly that I want to be your blog buddy and if you will become my blog buddy we both can link to each other blogs. The right method is to first introduce yourself. Tell him that you are a Blogger at www.yourblog.com and you really love to read his blog.

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5. Final Step to Finding a Blog Buddy

Now here the real game begins. After that when you have introduced yourself to him now it’s time to convince him to become your blog buddy. Now send him the screenshot you have sent to him and say to him that your blog and my blog are on same Google Search Results Page and we both have to make our blog more perfect to rank on the top of Google.

Now say to him that “If we want to make our blogs perfect and want to rank on the top of Google then we should have a bit of cooperation between us. It means that we should work together and must give some suggestions to each other and we should link to each other blogs too.”

After that tell him the importance of linking to each other that link building can be beneficial for Site Ranking in Google. And then there are 90 percent chances that he will shake hand with you and become your blog buddy.


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