Yes! Google App Now Support Offline Searches.

Google App now supported offline searches

Today I am going to tell you about Google App now supported offline searches.

Google App now supported offline searches.

Google App now supported offline searches. For a long time, google is trying to improve the capabilities of his core services in offline mode. Now google introduce an update to its google app which brings pretty offline features.In this update, if someone run a google search through the app without an internet connection the google app will capture save your query. In the next time if he connected to the internet It will automatically show a notification saying the result have been founded .this feature could be useful when you get no internet connection somewhere such as in airplane mode or no data or wifi then this feature is pretty cool save your result.


The more interesting thing is that the new google app feature will not drain your battery and its minimally affect your mobile data usage.


Want to get this feature make sure that your google app is running the latest version of android.


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