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Make Your Skin Clear Only In 1 week

Hello!everyone welcome to KTF. My name is Haseeb Kashani from KTF. In this article, I will tell you Make Your Skin Clear Only In 1 week. Nowadays everyone wants good skin and good look. It is the desire of every adult person to have a clear skin. Mostly in actress and actor, the common thing is that their glowing skin which makes them look so good and pretty.
So I am going to tell you a way to get clean and soft glowing skin.

Let’s Start!

Wash your face and run a cloth in hot water then put it on your will help you to clean dirt your face.


Then mix 2 tablespoons of sugar with 2 tablespoons of water.mix them and make the thin paste and also add more amount of sugar and then stir it.
now take it on your fingers and softly apply it on your cheek.rub it on your cheek for 1 or 2 min now do the same thing with your other cheek.Then Wash your face.


After washing your face now take a lemon.because lemon is natural toner.
take about 10 drops of lemon juice and rub it in your face.
let it on your face for 10 to 15 second. also note that if you burn then keep it for only 3 to 5 second.


So now just wash your face with cold water in order to close your pores. 
hot and cold water is the key of pores. hot water opens your pores and while cold water closes your pores.


So you will get clear skin soon. try it for only seven 7 days.

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