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Miswak The Best Natural Tooth Brush 10+ Benefits.

Miswak is a Natural toothbrush to clean tooth.It is used for ages to care Teeth.
 It is Produce from trees like olive, Peel, and neem trees.
It is a stick from a tree for the purpose of cleaning of teeth.
Miswak is one of the most commonly observed sunnah of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).

Prophet (PBUH) SAYING! 
“Four Things Are Among est The Practices of the All Ambiyaa (A.S) 
Circumcision-Application Of Perfume-
Miswak-& Marriage”

Health Benefits Of Miswaks. 

  • Improve The Memory.
  • Eliminates Slime.
  • Produces Aroma In The Mouth.
  • Strengthens The Gums.
  • Remedy For Headaches.
  • Stops Further Grow Of Decay.
  • Blooks Tooth Decay.
  • Helps Relieving Toothaches.
  • Clears Voice.
  • Boosts The Eloquence Of Speech.
  • Improves The Intelligence.
  • Improves Eye Sight
  • Helpful For The Health Of Your Whole Body.
  • Removes The Yellowish Of The Teeth.
  • Helps The Digestive Function Process. 


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