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Top 5 Benefits of Apple.You Must Know Before Eat.

Hello everyone today I Am going to till you top 5 benefits of apple. apples are tasty fruits.Apple is one of the healthy food a person can eat.They are high in fibers and vitamin c.


No.1 Lose Cholesterol.

Apple has good amount of fiber.When we eat some Apples, bronze soluble fiber competitions with fats.

No.2 Apple makes the bone healthy and strong.

Apple’s offers a number of nutrients include vitamin iron etc.These nutrients make strong and healthy.

No.3 Apples helps to eye health.

A good quantity of vitamin A is available in apple juice. that help in improving the eye vision and prevent eye disorders.

NO.4 Apple help to weight loss.

Apple have high fiber and water.60+ weight human add either apple or oatmeal cookies to their diets for 2 months.those who eat apple lose in an average 4 lb /2kg/

No.5 Apples make whiter teeth

The biting of apple and chewing of  apple increase the secretion of the salvia delays tooth decay

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