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Top 5 Benefits of Strawberries

 Sweet, juicy strawberries, including their vibrant red colour. They are not just delicious. They are low fat calories, a good source of fibre and contain antioxidants. which protect the human body from cellular damage caused viva free radicals.

Top 5 Benefits of Strawberries

1. Strawberries will Improves Digestive System.

               Strawberries contain substantial amounts of dietary. fibres can also scrap cholesterol out of arteries and blood vessel. The daily recommended dietary fibre eating for human 40 grams & 26 gram respectively.

2. Strawberries Help to Maintains Pressure of blood.

        Strawbery have  phenomenal potassium to sodium ratio a cup of strawberries contains 220 gram of potassium. 1.4 mg of sodium that helps the blood vessels to keep proper blood pressure.

3. Strawberries Are Good For Improving Skin And Hair.

  Enough vitamin c intakes improve the immune system. can also create maintains collagen, a necessary proteins skin and hair

4. Strawberries help To Increase Bone Strength.

 Strawberries are pretty good sources of vitamin k. which function in continuous calcium in the bone matrix. Enough vitamin k consumption may also decrease urinary excretions of calcium.

5. Strawberries help to Individuals Fight Infection.

       A cup of strawberries contains 141% of the vitamin c. daily requirement vitamin c  is an excellent natural liquid solvent that helps the body produce resistance agent and kills cancer-causing independent radicals in the body.

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