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Top 5 Healthiest Fruits.You Must Know.

Top 5 Healthiest Fruits.You Must Know.You are what you eat and if you eat these fruits you are healthy. welcome to KTF and today I will tell you about five healthiest of fruits.


No.1 Apple 

An apple a day really does doctor keep away. Apples are healthy as long as you eat the skin three antioxidants keep your aging process in check and their fiber keeps your tubes running smoothly prevents you from beginning and protect against heart problems bad cholesterol, Parkinson’s  disease and contain cancer easy find prepare and eat apple just might be the perfect fruit adding any extra fruits and veggies to your diet is smart move but like anything do it in moderation


NO.2 Banana 

Trainer everywhere band banana why calories carbs and sugar the truth bananas don’t contain significantly more of these than other popular fruits they do not contain potassium fiber and vitamin b6. So if you are healthy and not looking to lose ton of weight they’re great especially as pre-workout snacks try to stick with green bananas because of their resistance starch which does lots of their good stuff to your innard   


No.3 Cherries 

Cherries have trouble sleeping try snacking on cherries before aside from their antioxidant and potassium content. Cherries contain the hormone that makes you sleepy. melatonin cherries also have anti-Mato flame properties so they reduced post-workout muscles soreness and pain, in fact, you better of eating twenty cherries then taking a pain pill. Plus they, re low cal snacks since they are mostly made of water.


No.4 Pomegranates 

Pomegranates a symbol of health and eternal life the pomegranates is popular globally as a sugar food. It’s not the easiest route to eat but its work it not only is a pomegranate full of antioxidants fiber potassium and vitamin c and b5 the juice and seeds can start your heart and defend against bad cholesterol and certain cancer superfood indeed.


No. 5 Kiwis

Kiwis is more vitamin c and orange and kiwi yep it’s the fuzzy brown fruit with green flesh among the kiwis. Many health benefits vitamin c is great for long health and respiratory problem. The seed is full if fiber so your digestive tract will stay healthy add to that magnesium, potassium and vitamin A and you are got an immunity booster in the palm of your hand.


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