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Use Of Walnuts In Daily Bases will Protect You From Bladder Cancer.










A new research has shown that the use of walnut in daily bases will protect you from bladder cancer. the research was conducted in the state of Californian USA.the research is been able to bring it to attention that walnut is the part of daily routine in the diet. walnut are full of many benefits and nutrients and healthy component. breast cancer and cardiac disorders can also be prevented by use of walnut .university student believes that walnut can be preventing various glands from a cardiac disease like cancer.
the fats present in walnuts are the instrument in stagnation of the growth of the cancer cell.

In Europe after skin cancer, the prostate cancer is the 2nd most prevent disease.
about two million people only in America have been success fully treated from prostate cancer every year 25 k thousand are diagnosed prostate cancer. 10 k of these people there precious life.

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